The California Court eFiling System makes submitting legal documentation a remote process. Instead of having to fill out and deliver forms in person, it can be done entirely online, meaning no travel time or waiting in line. Not only convenient, it’s also safe: Secured under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection, and able to be linked to already existing Google or Facebook accounts, you don’t have to worry about security.
1How do I make an account with the court services?
Whether or not you have a Google or Facebook account, registration is simple. Simply follow the instructions on the eFile site, and you’ll be up and running in no time.
2Do I need to pay for the account?
No, the account is free to create. However, filing fees vary by document and must be paid separately.
3How do I know my information is secure?
The eFile system is the online arm of the California Court, meaning the state government ensures its security. It is protected by HTTPS protocols, as well as SSL encryption to make certain your data is private and safe.
4Can I use this system for other state courts as well?
While other states also have eFile systems, this one specifically serves the state of California’s courts. To file in other jurisdictions, you will need to do so with their systems.