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Legal Services

Not just a process service company, Daniel Miranda Legal Services acts as your partner in everything from process service to court filings. We specialize in providing assistance to those who are confused by the legal system, aiding them in navigating their case. To do this, we work with attorneys across the country to get necessary documents delivered when they’re needed. Daniel makes a point to offer his services to people often overlooked or overwhelmed by the legal system, from homeless veterans to domestic dispute victims. He works with the community and his clients, doing his utmost to make the experience of having papers served as painless as possible.

Daniel’s history with the legal system is extensive, as well. He was a certified California peace officer, and has since earned his Juris Doctorate with the goal of having his own legal practice. You can trust that he will not only serve your papers, but has the knowledge to help prepare them as well.

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eFile System

Our new associate E-eFile service allows you to safely and securely submit legal documents, entirely online.
Wondering why to hire a process server instead of having a sheriff's deputy deliver your papers? According to a majority of legal professionals, process servers are faster and more reliable, and even have a greater knowledge of the laws involved in legal service. Watch the video below to see the statistics.
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